Phantom Ishigaki Cow Gift


[Sales period 3/25-4 / 10]
Limited 30 sales※ It ends as soon as it disappears.

"Ishigaki beef" brought up in Ishigaki Island is
Because it is not easy to eat in Okinawa Main Island
It is also called "Japanese Japanese Vows".

Such "Ishigaki beef" wraps on a tricked pattern of auspicious pattern
We have prepared as a gift for important people.

Seasonal greetings, thanks, celebration, returned gift.

"With the best meat,Delicious happinessCan't deliver? "


【Gift contents】

  • Sweet soup(Fat)EnjoyA4Sirloin (200g x 2 pack)
  • A4 fillet full of soft umami(150 g × 2 packs)
  • Size size happinessA4Dice cut fillet (150g × 2 pack)
  • Pull the taste of the material Steak sauce
  • The scent can stand out

※ 4 to 5 people

Meat is delivered to a vacuum pack.