■ Questions about buying

· When can I order?
We will sell in a period of 3/25 to 4/10.
※ It will end as soon as the amount limited product is lost. Please note.

About payment method
The following payment methods can be used to pay for the product price.
Various settlements that support SHOPIFY can be used.

· About cancellation
Because the Meat-Azumi Miyako is a supplementary product product, cancellation after the order is completed is within 48 hours of order.
Please email us.

· About errors during purchase procedure
It does not mean that the product was secured when placed in the cart for sales volume limited.
If you have customers who have completed the purchase earlier, you may be sold out.
We recommend registration of personal information in advance.
(It is often seen if it has been sold out while entering personal information)

· About returned goods / exchange
If you do not satisfy the taste, the full refund warranty.
We introduce "full refund warranty system". It will be refunded to all times when you can not convince it only 14 days from the product arrival date.

· E-mail does not arrive
 When ordering is confirmed, automatic mail will be sent to the customer.
Please read if you do not receive anything.
The following three can be considered.

    1. It is distributed to spam mail folder.
    2. Automatic reply email has been rejected after setting the receiving mail.
    3. There was an error in the input email address.
      Email from our shop
      It is sent from ". Please make sure to set the reception from this email address and try again.

■ Questions about delivery of products

About delivery date
 Normally, from the completion of your order to shipping the product2 to 5 business daysWe will ship within (excluding weekends and holidays).
Please note that some delivery may be delayed depending on your order situation.
Delivery is
Yamato Transport Frozen School or "Sagawa Express Refrigerant"We will deliver.

About delivery date and time
Date and time specified at the time of order can not be done.
If you wish to designate the date and time, please contact the shipping company by yourself.
Depending on the delivery time (Golden Week, New Year holidays), weather conditions, and other circumstances, it may not be delivered as specified. note that.

· How much is the shipping fee?
Shipping fee will be delivered free of charge.

· Can I change the delivery address?
If you can contact you within 48 hours of your order date.
Please contact us by inquiry by address, name, email to be delivered.

· Can I issue a receipt?
We accept receipt issuance.
Please specify your order number and your desired address from the following inquiries.
In addition, reissuing receipts is not received. Please note.

· Can you deliver delivery box (home)?
Delivery box (locker) can not be used because the temperature can not be maintained because of "no frozen".
In the case of absent, if there is no absence, we will post the "Absent Contact Code" to the post.
Although the number of supplies, please contact us at the request for redelivery or shipping contractors within 3 days after posting.