First of all, the first feature of the sureroin is married.
Balance is good in the red and has a sweet and soft site.Beautiful frost flesh with fine sapers in the red meat,
Back bone-like unique umami and condensed deliciousness, good fat sweetness characterized by juicy meat quality.
Because it is a place where it is hard to move near the waist of the beef back, the softness of the meat is not good.



"The Queen of Beef"Characteristics are "soft" anyway.
If it is red, there are many people saying "fillet".
A cow Hellate characterized by less fat and soft red.
From these features, it is considered easy to eat regardless of age or sex.Filet is recognized as a high-grade meat, but this is a site that can only be taken only 3% from the cows.
It is recommended to eat with rare and medium, as it gets hard to burn too much.


Shoulder loin

Speaking of loose features, low fat is soft.
Frost is likely to enter, and the good taste of fat is a popular site.