1. Return to normal temperature and wipe off the water

If the meat is thick,It is important to return to normal temperature.

However, in the case of high-grade beef like, there are many things that have a fine sugar in a long time, so if you put it at normal temperature, the fat may be dissolved and the taste may be lost. Remove from the refrigerator and cook quickly.

2. Muscle arrival, drilling, hitting to the same thickness

By doing this, we do not shrink when bakingIn addition to becoming, it will be a soft and easy-to-eat steak without shrinking by breaking the meat fiber.

4. Heat the frying pan enough and broke the salt and pepper just before baking

Salts can be tightened as well as seasoning but also the taste of meat to tighten the body. However, if you shake the salt early, it will be the cause of the meat and the cause of the meat and it will cause paso, so let's shake just before baking.

6. Bake on a high heat (change the time according to the baking)

By burning the surface quickly,You can confine the meat taste and confine it.
If you have long-grilled ~ 1 minute, let's weaken the fire and remove extra fat with a kitchen paper.

7. Turn over and burn on high heat

The color changes to about one third of the meat and bakedIt turns over when a grilled color is attached to the surface. If it turns over, it will return to high heat as soon as possible, and burn it in the same way as the surface to close the taste of the meat.

8. Aluminum foil steamed with low heat

As it has grilled color in about 30 seconds, it is lightly heated to a low heat and lighter aluminum foil and steamed for about 1 minute.By steaming, it is finished with the meat that is fluffy without missing moisture.

9. From the fire, it will be worn by aluminum foil, passing fire with a remaining heat

If you want to make a thick meat about 1.5 cm thick, it will heat up for 4 to 5 minutes, and heat through the remainder. You can finish softly without missing the meat joint by wrapping in aluminum foil.


※ We can make it from water, but using soup stock can enjoy delicious and delicious taste.

1. 70-80 degrees (A state where pumped bubbles are made one after another)

The temperature of about 70-80 degrees is the best to finish the soft meat without missing the taste.When boiling, protein coagulation and meat is hardened and it becomes a peas passage, so it takes a steamed temperature.

2. Take the meat

If it is beef, it is a pink color and if it becomes pink color.

Grilled meat

1. Return to normal temperature

If you bake the meat in the state of frozen, the fireUniformity and uniformity will come out.

also,By returning to normal temperature, it prevents meat juice from flowing when the meat surface is bakedYou can eat the deliciousness of meat and eat it.

2. The frying pan and plates warm to about 200 degrees to 200 degrees.

When I dripping from the chopsticks, I will evaporate if I evaporate.

However, it is aware that it will be warmed too much because it will cause it to be too hot.

3. Bake from the meat with many fat

By baking from the flesh with more fat, it is familiar with frying panes and plates, and meat can be attached to the surface of the frying pan or plate, and the meat joint does not spill.

4. If you start grilled, wait carefully until the appropriate baking eyes

Since the juice overflowed as the taste of meat flows out, let's not touch the meat as possible when it is baked.

In the case of thick meat, it is the timing to be turned over when about 30% of the thickness of the meat is burnt.After it is returned, let's bake half of the time when the surface is baked as a guide

5. Eat before grilling and cold

You will have meat at a good burned best timing.


1. If the pot warms, catch beef fat.

Falls beef filled with a heated pot.

2. Put the meat in a pot.

I will put in while expanding it at all.

[In the case of Kanto style]
3. If the meat juice floats on the surface, add a small amount of discharge and turn the meat.

Meat is baked for a sense of teriyaki rather than simmering.

[In the case of Kansai style]
3. Shake sugar on the meat, drop sake and soy sauce and turn on the meat.

It is finished when I cooked. The taste is adjusted by all.

4. When the meat is pink, please enjoy.

It will be eaten if it burns to the extent that the red meat of beef remains slightly.