"Ishigaki beef" with the original taste of the meat

The lipid is refreshing, and it is also the 霜.

The red body is very soft, the meat-original taste and meat juice
It is characterized by the full of mouth.

The monthly shipping number is about 70 heads worth 0.16% in the country.
I can not see it easily in Okinawa Main Island
It is a highly valuable brand wet cow.

30 limited "phantom gifts"

"Ishigaki beef" brought up in Ishigaki Island is
Because it is not easy to eat in Okinawa Main Island
It is also called "Japanese Japanese Vows".

Such "Ishigaki beef" wraps on a tricked pattern of auspicious pattern
We have prepared as a gift for important people.

Seasonal greetings, thanks, celebration, return gift,
It is also available to year-end party and prizes.

About Ishigaki beef>

Phantom Ishigaki Cow Gift

The moment I bite, it is a jufu.

Money juice is full of full of biting moments
The meat-original sweetness spreads.
The red body is very soft and lipids are easy.
It is a characteristic of "Ishigaki beef" that is not going to be frosted.

All the meat contained in the gift set is equal to or higher than the A4 rank level.
Such a gift that can be felt with a sense of happiness
Meat Ichinomiya selected carefully to be delighted.

A carefully selected part

From Ishigaki beef carefully selected by the Meat Nakai
We will deliver only delicious sites.

Gifts are overwhelmingly popular
"Sirloin" "Hillet" "Hire Saikoro"
We will sell as a set.

Sales for a limited time

Two months consecutive monthly "Phantom Ishigaki beef"
As we have more than expected echo,
This time, we will resale with only 30 periods of time.
Please purchase by all means at this opportunity.

Bathroom that connects my thoughts

When you open the arrived box, there is a red and white bath.
I am excited about what is in.

As we have prepared a bad pattern and color
Please select your favorite pattern according to the application of the gift.

Traditional × trendy box

Solving the Furoshiki wrapped with a luxurious casket.

Traditional color and epidemic design to the motif
I had a red design and a gold foil.

After enjoying, the Bath and the Box also
You can use it in a variety of applications.

To the table of important people

It is not just a gift.

Even in Okinawa Main Island,
I can not eat rarely
It is considered a phantom sum.

A red and white bath with a flower
Awakening modern design 桐 box

This will deliver the Meat Nikko
"Ishigaki Cow Gift".

"Meat Ichigo" is

Handmaker and store store in Ginza
It is a hidden sake meat restaurant.

Meat Ichinomiya Roppongi

business hours [Night] 17: 00-23: 00 (22: 00)
reserve By appointment only
Number of total seats 26 seats (2 private rooms)
Regular holiday Holiday and Sunday
address Tokyo Kono Ward Roppongi 3-13-6 Wind Roppongi 1F
TEL 03-6438-9000

Meat Ichinomiya Ginza store

business hours [Noon] 11:30 to 15:00 (14:00)
[Night] 17: 30-22: 30 (21:00)
reserve By appointment only
Number of total seats 15 seats
Regular holiday Holiday and Sunday
address Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza 4-6-18
Ginza Actville 7F
TEL 03-6263-0606


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